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Rules and Regulations
  • For Students
  • For Parents
  • It is mandatory for each student to come to school on time and in complete school uniform,
  • It will be compulsory for the 4th child and the students who have failed to pay the fees
  • It is important that the students write a leave note in the school diary on the very next day of absence, and get it signed by the teacher.
  • If the student is applying for a long leave, the student should get the application for leave signed in advance, in case, of medical leave, doctor’s certificate is compulsory.
  • No student is allowed to carry any electronic gadget, jewellery, or any kind of expensive items to school. If anything of this kind is found, it will be confiscated.
  • Any kind of malpractices found during examinations, the school can take severe action against the student.
  • The school will provide receipts for any kind of cash received
  • The student should feel responsible to keep the school premises clean.
  • It is compulsory that the students leave the premises as soon as the school hours are over.
  • Students should respect everybody in school.
  • If there is any change in your address or phone number, it would be necessary for you to report it immediately to the class teacher.
  • You have to be alert towards your child’s progress
  • It would be important that you read your child’s diary everyday
  • It would be compulsory that you remain present at all meetings
  • It would be mandatory that you pay attention towards the overall development of your child
  • The parent has to be in constant contact with the teacher for the progress of the child
  • If the parent wishes to meet the principal, supervisor or the teacher, they can come and meet during the school hours only.